Trio con Brio Copenhagen

24 Aug 2019

The Strad Review – Beethoven Trio con Brio Copenhagen

Beethoven the Romantic strains at the leash in these spacious performances.

The Strad

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(Photo Nikolaj Lund)

19 Aug 2019

Kristeligt Dagblad – The ideal upbeat to the Beethoven Year

By Peter Dürrfeld

Kristeligt Dagblad

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(Photo Nikolaj Lund)

16 Aug 2019

Klassik Heute – Beethoven Piano Trios Volume III

Das Kopenhagener Trio con Brio macht auf seiner neuesten CD-Veröffentlichung einmal mehr seinem Namen alle Ehre. Was hätte man auch anderes von diesem hochmotivierten, vor 22 Jahren gegründeten Ensemble erwartet? […]

Klassik Heute

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(Photo Nikolaj Lund)

14 Jul 2019

El País

…But the big surprises of the week go by other names. The Trio con Brio, formed by the Danish pianist Jens Elvekjaer and Korean sisters Soo-Jin Hong and Soo-Kyung Hong. …

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(Photo Nikolaj Lund)

21 Jun 2019

CD release

The new CD release – Beethoven Trios. Please check LISTEN page for more info.

(Photo Nikolaj Lund)

25 May 2019

Strad session report – Zooming in on Beethoven

Trio con Brio Copenhagen is marking its 20th anniversary by recording the complete Beethoven piano trios. Andrew Mellor attends a session for the group’s third volume, including the monumental “Archduke”….

The Strad session report

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(Photo Nikolaj Lund)