Teaching and research

Trio con Brio Copenhagen

The Trio’s pianist, Jens Elvekjaer, is professor of piano and chamber music at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. The members of the Trio lead masterclasses a.o. at Yale University, Rice University in Houston and University for Music and Performing Arts Munich. The musicians serve as jury members in numerous competitions such as the ARD International Music Competition in Munich.

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The Fourth person

Jens Elvekjaer is currently pursuing a large-scale research project entitled “The Fourth Person” – an artistic research project at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen.

Who is “The Fourth Person” in a piano trio?
The project dives into the dynamics and fascinating and secret mechanisms in a classical ensemble. It explores how an ensemble’s soul arises, and takes a close, in-depth look at how a unique language evolves with all its ineffable signals. Along the way, the project examines the factors that influence how one performs better when challenged by one’s partners.

Watch a short film about the development of this project. (In Danish):