Trio con Brio Copenhagen

16 Aug 2019 | Klassik Heute | by Stefan Pieper

CD Discussion – Beethoven Piano Trios Vol. III

Artistic quality 10 out of 10
Sound quality 10 out of 10
Overall impression 10 out of 10

… Eine exzeptionelle Klangkultur von hohem Wiedererkennungswert gepaart mit vorbildlicher Kreativität bei der Vermittlung … Man kann diese Einspielung durch all dies, aber ebenso durch die hervorragende, luftig transparente Aufnahmequalität ohne weiteres als Referenz betrachten!

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(Photo Nikolaj Lund)

14 Jul 2019 | El País | by Luis Gago

Trío con Brio

… Since they played masterfully the last movement of the Trio op. 15 of Smetana in the inaugural concert left an unbeatable impression, corroborated in the conceptually very difficult Trio op. 70 no. 1 of Beethoven…everything they play is at the highest technical and expressive level…

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(Photo Nikolaj Lund)

18 May 2018 | Magasinet Klassisk | by Per Rask Madsen

Inteview – 20 years with Beethoven under the skin

Magasinet Klassisk brings a major 8-pages feature about Trio con Brio Copenhagen. The article features the trio’s 20 Year Anniversary, the recording of complete piano trios by Beethoven and much more!

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(Photo Toke Bjørneboe)

31 Jul 2017 | The Boston Musical Intelligencer | by Leslie Gerber

Trio Molto con Brio

…I’ve heard a number of prominent trios perform this music (Shostakovich’s Trio No. 2, in E Minor, Op. 67), and I treasure the two recordings with the composer at the piano. I’ve never heard this music played with more power and conviction… By the end of this piece the violinist was in tears and I wasn’t far behind her.

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(Photo Soeren Svendsen)

15 Jul 2017 | Nordjyske | by Otto Pretzmann

As time disappeared


Trio con Brio Copenhagen & Soo-youn Hong. Vendsyssel Festival

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(Photo Soeren Svendsen)

27 Mar 2017 | Oregon ArtsWatch | by Terry Ross

Trio con Brio Copenhagen review: Deeply felt music

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(Photo John Green)