Trio con Brio Copenhagen

10 Jun 2024 | Fono Forum

‘Recommendation of the Month’ by Fono Forum


“…The excellent Trio con brio Copenhagen not only masters such curiously secretive expression areas with a sheer breathtaking intensity, but also plays them out “naturally” without false emphasis: through absolutely perfect interaction, but without leveling the individual voices. And with such highly differentiated homogeneity they give Schubert’s much-played, gradiose second piano trio an absolutely captivating impetus that has rarely been heard. The Danish pianist Jens Elvekjaer has an incredibly rich piano tone, which he adapts to the musical development in all its nuances, and the Korean siblings Soo-Kyung Hong (she is married to Elvekjaer) and Soo-Jin Hong can give Schubert’s notorious wealth of melodies the shine that really ensoul the music…”