Trio con Brio Copenhagen

06 Jun 2024 | Magasinet Klassisk

Trio con Brio kicked off a three-day celebration of Beethoven’s piano trios with a game that really brought out the drama and poetry of the music.


“… Jens Elvekjær sat with his chin right down on the keys and played the gentlest legato in Beehoven’s first opus work, the piano trio in E flat major from 1793. His run glided quickly and effortlessly in the first movement, and in front of him Soo-Kyung Hong communicated with wide eyes and even greater presence on her cello.

She caught the eye of her sister, violinist Soo-Jin Hong, just as the two were putting mischievous inputs into the music and giving it direction. A dry staccato, a smile. It was tender, playful and hugely aligned…”