Trio con Brio Copenhagen

16 Mar 2024 | Pizzicato

Spannung bis in die Haarspitzen | Tension right down to the hair tips

Supersonic Award of Pizzicato

Spannung bis in die Haarspitzen | Tension right down to the hair tips

The Passenger: The title of the album refers to an opera by Mieczyslaw Weinberg, but also draws parallels between Weinberg and Schubert: their arduous, unhappy journey through life. After listening to this album, one can almost understand what such a journey feels like. The tension, intensity and emotionality that the Trio con Brio invests in both works is hard to beat.

Mieczyslaw Weinberg’s Piano Trio is almost disturbing in this powerful, almost biting interpretation with its hammering rhythms. The relentless motor skills suggest the mental and physical exhaustion of the three musicians, an exhaustion to the point of self-abandonment that reflects the turmoil and tension of this music. In the poem, it is the shattering despondency and hopelessness that the gripping cello singing so impressively evokes. This is followed by the Finale with the merciless march of life, of fate.

The fateful wandering through life, at the end of which is death: It is also present in Schubert’s Second Piano Trio, in every note, every melody, every phrase. The Trio con Brio makes no compromises, relentlessly exposing the fine line between the joys and sorrows of life. The first movement fascinates with its dense, gripping mood, interspersed with rhythmic accents against the beat: blows of fate. The cello’s lament in the second movement is reminiscent of Winterreise, while the scherzo is characterized by an almost feigned playfulness and cheerfulness. In the Finale, the three musicians from Copenhagen once again underscore life’s constant oscillation between highs and lows with a tense intimacy and expressive emotionality.